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How to Change Your Face to Old With Aging App

Aging Your Face with App
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Aging face App  - You've probably always wanted to see how you would look when you become older. Today's technology can help you with that. There are several apps that can make you face to old look like you are 60 years old using age filter.

One of the best apps for ageing your face is Faceapp. There are other ones besides this one but this is the best without any doubt. It has been getting a lot of popularity recently and to be honest the results from this old filter are pretty realistic. Some of the filters are not gonna be free but if you want to access more filters, feel free to do so. However, I wouldn't recommend it because I don't think it's worth it.

FaceApp can be download here FaceApp, it is free!

So how do you use this app? First, you need to install FaceApp on your mobile device. It works on most smartphones, then you are gonna open the app and have a look around. Once you open the app it should be easy to navigate yourself and find all the filters you want to try for example old filter to make your face old.

There are lots of filters you can choose and play around with. There are different options besides the old filter like colouring your hair, seeing how you would look with a beard or trying on a different hairstyle.

Now you are pretty much done. You just need a picture of yourself, a friend or any picture with a detectable face. You can also combine the filters and make different combinations.

This app is pretty much limitless. You can play around with the app and have a good laugh with your friends.


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